What is a Shower Pump?

What is the first thing you do after you return from work? Well, Standing idle under a shower and feeling the warm water spilling around my body, is the best thing I enjoyed after returning home. But this moment of joy turned into a nightmare when my shower started streaming only. Finally, the right shower pump helped me to get rid of it. Lucky me.

But what about the people who are still in the same nightmare? That is why today, I will share everything about a shower pump.

What is a shower pump? How to install a shower pump? And of course how does a shower pump work. You won’t hesitate to link it to your bathroom and wash away all your fatigue with the flow.

About Shower Pump

I know we all are more or less familiar with it. Still I will give a short description to you. You won’t mind reading it, I bet.

Nowadays, shower pumps are ubiquitous not only in the home but at commercial places also. They are mostly used on the system when the water pressure is not sufficient at the head. And less water pressure means less pleasant shower experience, no doubt.

However, the water pressure increases dramatically, immediately after installing the pump. This small device measures around 30 cm. Varies sometimes, though. Namely, you will find two types of shower pumps in the market.

Single shower pump:

Also known as single impeller feed. Now, what’s that mean! Single impeller only means to improve the water pressure in a single line. Usually, they are used in the hot water line. Yet you can use it in the cold or mixed water feed also.

Twin shower pump:

By naming, you can easily understand that the twin impeller pump serves in both hot and cold water feeds at the same time. And that makes it more accessible in any case.

I can tell a thousand more words about a shower pump by no means, but I think this could do correctly.

How to Install the Pump

What is a shower pump? You are now quiet aware of it. Hence, it’s effortless to know the installation process at present, when you have Google in your pocket. For more interactivity, you can find videos on YouTube as well. But in both cases, you have to have that curiosity to learn.

Usually, the shower pump is installed somewhere in between the Mixing valve and flow valve. On a natural note, it’s before the flow valve and after the mixing valve.

Before I start saying about installation, I like to add that this is about a twin impeller pump. As in most houses, they use twin type. Okay, let’s start the steps:


If you don’t need your house flooded with water, turn off the water supply at the very beginning of the task, followed by the electricity supply.


Unpack the pump from the box. Remove electrical box lid and then the wires with a screwdriver.


It would be very straightforward if you don’t have any pump installed already. Hence, a monkey wrench will do then instead of a regular screwdriver.

However, you can start unscrewing the water connections.


If you have an old shower pump, remove it to place the new one after unscrewing the connection. Or else choose the place where you need to install the new one.


You already selects the area, start plumbing it. The first step would be the pipework. As we are working on a twin pump, we must isolate the water supply from and to the pump. Use a 22 mm full bore isolation valve to the cold water feed that is attached to the pump.

Remember whatever be the connection, the pump must have the supply from a 22 mm connection.

Now preventing air from entering the pump is another important thing. Use a Surrey flange on the top of the hot water cylinder. Only if it has a 15mm connection. In contrast, use Essex flange for a 22mm connection.

To have the most advantage, make sure your pump has flexible hoses. It links up the incoming and outgoing supply and delivery pipes. These hoses are less prone to vibration and prevent damage to the pump. Moreover, it reduces the chaos and noise of the pump.

After connecting the pipes, always flush the pipework thoroughly not to impair the pump action. Now you can connect the lines with the pump reading the instruction.

Or else add the water lines parallel to the pump to maintain the connecting lines. You would have already created it.


Once all connections are done, you need to run a bucket of water to both hot and cold water pipes. It will remove debris on the way. Keep pouring until you get the clear water from the pipes.


It’s time to reconnect the hoses to the pump. You can double-check the pump for any leaks running the water supply. If it goes clear, connect the electricity supply to the pump with the wiring.


Turn on the main house supply. And check the shower water. You will feel a noticeable increase in water pressure. A quite easy process, you see. Now we will check how it works.

what is a shower pump

How it Works?

Most shower pump works with the same principle. Water from the supply pipe, which usually remains low in pressure, is carried into a chamber. This chamber has the impeller that spins fast. This water is thrown outward using the centrifugal force and ejected at high speed from through impeller.

Now the amount of water the impeller can pass away measures the flow rate. You will find this impeller at either end of a twin shower pump motor. And the motor is centrally positioned. How much you achieve the flow rate entirely depend s on the power that this motor can generate.

A shower pump generally activates automatically. Whenever you pull on the shower knob, it senses the movement and starts working. Likewise, it stops when you shut down the knob.

However, you may think about why you have to know how it works. You only need a shower with a strong force of water. Yup, got it.

You have this undoubtedly great solution in hand, the shower pump.

Your craving to get that rejuvenating shower after a busy day comes to an end. This low water pressure can’t stop you anyway. This lousy apple goes to jail.

5 Things to Consider When Buying or Replacing Your Shower Pump

Conclusion of What is a Shower Pump

I bet your next-door neighbor can hear your louder voice while having the shower and might be smiling. And yes, he/she wouldn’t complain, I bet. If he is also a sufferer of this, he definitely knows the joy. Having the first shower after the pump is installed.

You can’t stop yourself singing your favorite song. You can dance, you can jive, and you’re the dancing queen. Oh, it’s only a few lines from the dancing queen of ABBA. You can be the king also. I hope you’ve heard the song. If not, just Google it. Happy showering!

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