wayne wss30v review

Do you have a sump pump that runs out of power every now and then? Then you will surely need the feel of a battery backup system along with your sump pump. But the question is which one should you go for? Well, we are here to answer your dilemma. The Wayne WSS30VN sump pump is your solution to the problem we are discussing. And you will know why this is the solution from this wayne wss30v review.

So, if you have a sump pump that is not giving you proper service in terms of power, then you can surely try this one out. Now, let’s get on with the actual facts on why you should go for this rather than any other sump pump.

Wayne WSS30VN Battery Back Up System


This is a sump pump that serves your basic needs of a sump pump and its operation. But along with that, it has got an additional feature, which is the prime reason for buying this. And the feature is its added battery backup functionality.

With the backup power, you will be able to get more duration on your sump pump even if there is no electricity at your house. Many times electricity is gone for hours and even days. That’s when things get tricky. Your sump pump stops working. And eventually, water damages your house.

You should get this sump pump in order to avoid all of that. And also, it comes with the following features that make it worth your time and money. Check this Wayne wss30vn review to get more insights on the pump.

All in one

This is not only a sump pump. This has got an additional battery backup with the actual sump pump. So, you do not need to go for anything extra. You do not need to buy an additional battery separately. It keeps your basement system completely secured from water damages. It does not matter if there is no electricity, it will work just fine.

Great build quality

With the combined features, it also comes with the excellent build quality. You won’t need to worry about its durability. The outer part of the pump is made of cast iron with a rugged texture. And it also has an epoxy-coated construction for handling this into rough conditions. The pumps make sure to be corrosion resistant.

The materials used in the making are of high quality. It will last you a long time. Once you buy this one, you can rest assured for a long time both from the battery backup and the sump pump itself.

Pump performance

Even if we do not consider the battery backup, the pump itself is good enough to buy. As it is tested to provide you with 1 million life cycles on the pump. At 0 feet, the pump can sump about 5100 gallons of water. And when it’s working on 10 feet long, you get about 4200 gallons of water. These are the stats from the main pump. And the secondary is able to go about 2300 gallons at 10 feet.

Then there is an excellent suction capability. This minimizes all kinds of debris and removes the possibilities of clogging. Along with that, it has an LED indicator that allows the pump to inform the owner about its status. That’s really a handy feature to get on a sump pump.

Then there is a float switch just like any other sump pump available in the market. The switch is easily adjustable to your own requirements. Lastly, the sump pump has got two heavy-duty check valves.

So, as you can see, if we eliminate the added benefit of a battery backup, it still is a beast in itself.

Backup power for hours

Here is the best part of this sump pump. If you do not have electricity, then you will realize how crucial is this feature. With this pump, you will get hours of backup power even without any electricity. When the power runs out, you don’t have to panic anymore. Because this can provide you with backup supports for hours. So, it is excellent for areas where electricity runs out now and then. It’s the best sump pump to get for such areas. Even without power, you will be in a state of peace of mind.

Easy to install

Had some issues installing your previous sump pump? Well, don’t worry about this one. Because you can easily install this on your own without any professional help. The instructions of installation are relatively simple to understand, and almost anyone can fix this one at their homes. You can install this is in a 15-inch basin entirely within 15 minutes. So, you can assume how easy it is to fix this one at your household. As it is pre-assembled, you don’t need to worry about the assembly either.

Noiseless function

Another great feature on this one is the noise-free functionality. The pump doesn’t make any kind of noise while working. That’s great if you have installed the pump somewhere near your sitting area or bedroom. Because you would not hear any noise is coming from a pump while you are chilling at your couch while reading a book or watching tv.


With all its glory and extreme durability, it doesn’t require a guarantee. But for the satisfaction of people, it comes with a 3-year warranty. To be very honest, that is an excellent service warranty. Usually, in primary sump pumps, you will get one or two years of warranty. But this surpasses their quality in addition to that it surpasses them in the warranty period as well. So, you can be at peace of mind for three years straight. Even if something gets wrong with the sump pump, you can get it repaired for free within those three years. But we don’t think you will need that, thanks to its durability.

Value for money

We are going to be very straight about this part. The price of the pump isn’t low at all. But it does come with all the worth. Because if you want to buy an additional battery backup with any other sump pump, it will cost you a bit more than this. Also, this takes away the risks of pump failure due to no electricity or power supply. The pump combination costs you about $350 to $450 depending on different times. The quality, durability, utility, and brand name play a significant role in the price. Wayne has been in this business for quite a long time, so they are trusted with quality.


Now that you know about the features of the pump, you should know about the benefits you get from the pump as well. That’s what we are going to talk about now. You get quite a lot of attractive benefits upon using this sump pump.


It is not all good. Well, no product is all good in this world. So, it has got its flaws as well. They are-

Even with these drawbacks, the pump is undoubtedly worth a try and a great option to go for.

Conclusion of Wayne Wss30v Review

There you go. Here we have provided a detailed review of Wayne wss30VN review. Hopefully, this will help you make an obvious decision and get you the outcomes you desire from your sump pump. In our personal opinion, if you suffer from electricity failure issues with your pump, then you must try this for your home. It’s essential for your home safety as well.

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