Wayne Sewage Pump Reviews

Sewage pumps come in many forms, shapes, and styles. They are the type of item one needs around their home. You might have to use such a pump in a variety of situations. But finding the best sewage pump might not be as easy as you expect it to be. Once you go through this guide, you will not have to spend hours reading Wayne Sewage Pump reviews because we offer you all the information you need.

This guide will help you in this shopping process so you can save your time and money. And we already chose the most excellent product that you can invest in. So, keep on reading and find everything you need to know about these pumps!

Who Is This Product Designed For

Sewage pumps are standard pumps that help you manage human waste with no hassle or risks involved. This is one of the best Wayne Sewage pumps you will find. But first, let’s see why you would even need a product like this. You might need such a pump if you find yourself in the following circumstances:

Why Would You Buy This Product?

The advantages of using a sewage pump are priceless. Dealing with waste is no fun for anyone. And a Wayne sewage pump, in particular, can bring you a lot of benefits in this matter!

You can use a sewage pump to eliminate waste from your basement or septic system. These pumps will handle more solid waste compared to sump pumps that only deal with fluid. You can use it to unclog your pipes or clean your space of garbage of all kinds.

This Wayne pump, specifically, also comes at a budget-friendly price. This is a clear advantage because sewage pumps are not cheap in general. So, finding one at such a reasonable price tag is far from being the norm.

With a sewage pump, you will save money in the long run. You will not have to call a specialist every time you want to get rid of waste in your sceptic system or basement. It is easy to use and very efficient!

Wayne RPP50 Cast Iron Sewage Pump


One of the best sewage pumps you can invest in is this Wayne RPP50 model. It comes at a budget-friendly price compared to other similar pumps and impressive quality. You will find all you need to know here as this is the amplest Wayne Sewage Pump reviews.

The first thing you will notice about this pump is its simple yet functional design. Everyone can use it safely and without any type of help. You can use it to pump both fluid and solid waste with no frustration. It is straightforward to set up as well. With a power of 1/3 HP, this pump is ideal for residential use at all times.

You can use it in basements or plumbing systems. This pump works with basins of a diameter of a minimum 18 inch or more extensive. You can also use it to extract solid waste of maximum two-inch.


1. Usage

You can use this pump every time you need to extract waste from a basin. This can be a septic system, plumbing system, or only your basement. Because it can remove the debris of maximum two-inch, you don’t have to worry about getting it clogged easily. It works just fine for fluid. The 1/2 HP power makes it ideal for home use. However, you might struggle with it if you are planning to use it in a streamlined way.

2. Discharge

This sewage pump can discharge different amounts of fluid at different lift levels. For instance, at 0 ft level, it will discharge up to 6200 gallons in one hour. At 10 ft, it will discharge 3240 gallons per hour, and at 15 ft, it will get to 1500 gallons per hour. You can set it just the way you need according to your circumstances.

3. Durability

Because this pump uses an iron cast material, you can count on it for a long time. It is a submersible sewage pump that will not attract any rust or corrosion over time. You can count on this product for many years as long as you use it according to the instructions. There are no safety risks associated with this pump either, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

4. Portability

This sewage pump is easy to transport from one location to another, just the way you need to use it. It weighs 21 pounds, so it is very portable. Installing it in different areas is also easy. And if you are concerned about storage, you don’t have to be. This product has small dimensions so you can safely store it anywhere you want to without taking too much space.

5. Maintenance

It will not take much to maintain this sewage pump working correctly for years to come. Cleaning it and using it according to the instructions should cover your maintenance ritual. You shouldn’t try to use this pump for waste bigger than two-inch because it can get damaged fast. Also, don’t leave it on unless there is a waste to extract, so it doesn’t run dry.




Item Weight: 21 Pounds

Voltage: 100 Volts

Product Dimensions: 9.5 X 6 X 14 Inches

Model Number : RPP50

Things to Consider Before Buying the Product

This is one of the most complex Wayne Sewage Pump reviews, but you should take into account other aspects too. If you want to know how to get the best sewage pump for your needs, there are certain things you need to look at:

Where Are You Going To Use The Pump

Sewage pumps will work great for basement bathrooms or septic systems. But you need to decide how you are going to use such a pump. Some are good for one or the other, while others are good for both these situations.

For instance, if you need the pump for a septic system, you should choose one made of iron. Such material is more resistant and will last you longer in the septic system use. Basement bathroom pumps can use other types of materials, but you should stick to the heavy-duty ones as much as you can.

The Power Of The Pump

You will find pumps with all types of powers. The most basic level of power is 1/2 HP and 1/3 HP. The more power a pump has, the more significant the discharge capacity is. If you are looking for a residential use pump, this medium-range power should be enough. However, for industrial use, you might need to upgrade to a higher power pump.

Discharge Amount

Each pump will discharge different amounts of waste at different lift levels. It seems obvious to go for the pumps that will remove more gallons per hour, so you don’t have to let them run for a long time.

Fortunately, the market offers sewage pumps that go from 1500 gallons per hour discharge to even 6000 and 7000 gallons per hour. You will have to evaluate the needs you have and pick the one that will satisfy them.

Extra Features

You want a silent pump that will be easy to install and, if possible, portable. You don’t want to deal with a bothering noise every time you run the pump even if some noise should be expected. About the installation, it is essential to be a process that you are familiar with.

If you don’t know how to install the pump, it should come with all the instructions for you. And assuming you need to move the pump to a new location, lightweight and portability could be great features to have in such a product.

Wayne Sewage Pump Reviews FAQ

Q: Can I use this sewage pump to extract fluid?

A: Yes, most sewage pumps will work for fluid waste as well. But keep in mind that they are designed for solid waste so you shouldn’t use them like a sump pump. If you want to use your sewage pump just for the fluid; you will find that it is not as efficient as a sump pump either.

Q: Should I clean the pump every time I use it?

A: Cleaning your sewage pump is a matter of maintenance. You can install it and leave it there, so you don’t have to reinstall it every time you use it. In this case, cleaning is optional, and you should do it as you need to. But if you want to store it away, you should consider cleaning it because dirt and debris can damage it over time.

Q: Can I use this pump for industrial plumbing systems?

A: This pump has a 1/2 HP which might not be ideal for industrial use. It is, however, perfect for residential use, and you can count on it for heavy-duty tasks as well. But if you need one for industrial use, you should pick a higher power pump.

Q: Is it safe to use this pump?

A: In terms of safety, this sewage pump doesn’t expose you or your family to any risks. It is not only safe but also effortless and convenient to use. You can rely on it for a long time without being concerned about potential risks.

Q: How much should this pump last?

A: If you use the Wayne sewage pump under the instructions that it comes with, it should last you several years. Make sure you don’t let it run without waste to be extracted, and you will not damage it. Cleaning the pump regularly will also increase its lifespan.


Sewage pumps like this Wayne model are not easy to find. You can consider yourself lucky if you get one of these. Usually, they come at a much higher price tag. But this pump allows you to manage the waste in your basement or septic system with no hassle or frustration. You will be able to use it a lot in your household, and it is ideal for all types of residential use.

Keep in mind that it is intended for solid waste, but it will work for some fluid extraction as well. With proper use and care, this pump could be an investment that lasts over a decade!

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