Watchdog Sump Pump Reviews

For the best kind of water supply, sump pumps are the most efficient choices to go with. Among all of those pumps, Watchdog has quite a lot of popularity among the users. As many of the watchdog sump pump reviews suggest they are quite efficient in functionality.

From the many products of Watchdog, we will be discussing the Watchdog BW1050 sump pump. It has got the makings of a decent sump pump for your house.

But you will surely need some valid reasons to give it a try because you cannot possibly change your pump every day. You would want to stick to one pump for as long as you can. That’s why you will need to go through the following section so you get an idea of what you will end up with. Let’s get to the facts without any delay.

Watchdog Sump Pump Reviews At a Glance

Basement Watchdog BW1050 Sump Pump

Wayne RPP50 Cast Iron Sewage Pump


This pump from Watchdog has got an excellent battery backup, unlike other sump pumps. The monitoring system of the pump is also pretty efficient. Along with all that, you will get some unique and exciting features on this one. We will go through every detail of this pump and provide you with information that will help you make the buying decision. Most of the views come from various watchdog sump pump reviews from the customers and experts.

The build quality and design

This pump comes with some hi-tech designs and features. Such as, the monitoring system of the pump can inform you of any trouble through an alarm. Along with that, there is a fluid sensor that can tell you about the liquid level inside the battery. Although, these features are classic trademark features of Basement Watchdog pumps. So, it’s directly coming from the company.

You do not need an awful lot of space to keep the pump. The body is quite small and requires space of about 6.2*6.2*11.8

It has got a cast iron construction serving the purpose of the heavy-duty function. You can also get this on cast aluminum construction if you want this to be lightweight. In any case, you get better protection from the outside environment. And the more solid material provides better support from water pressure as well. The construction makes this one a durable pump available in the market.

Then there is the dual float protective cage that helps the pump to keep debris away. This helps in the smooth function of the float operation. It also keeps the wires away too. There are dual seals to protect the motor from every kind of exterior damage. So, in terms of protecting your pump, there is nothing better than this one. But will it be enough if it lacks in performance? Let’s check out the performance now.


If you want to get a whole lot of water pumped in your household, then this can be it. It can pump about 4400 gallons of water within just one hour. This makes it the most capable pump produced by the basement watchdog sump pump.

It has got two floats that allow it to have an excessive amount of redundancy. Along with that, it works as a continuous duty pump. So, you do not need to worry about the pump stopping in the middle of the function.

Another beautiful thing about this pump is the usage of just one horsepower. This lets the pump to have a better efficiency level. Maybe this is the secret to pump the right amount of water.

And to extend the efficiency a bit more, it has got a split capacitor just like many other sump pumps. This also helps in less energy usage as well. So, in a way, the pump pays for its energy saving. The pump is water cooled, so it does not have any oil to leak. This makes it eco-friendly, which is not something you get to see on a sump pump.

Additional Features of the Pump

This sump pump has a lot of features to talk about. The unique one is the eco-friendly feature that we have already discussed. Along with that, it is completely noised less.

Well, to be very honest, this pump is jam-packed with features. And they are all quite impressive.


The price of the product is fair, in our opinion. Because you are getting a whole lot of features on this one. There is no compromise in quality. You also get those modern monitoring features that come along with the brand itself. So, paying $130 for this one is worth it. And if you think you are paying a generous amount of money on this one, then why not? You won’t be spending money on a pump regularly. This one is undoubtedly a value for your money. No doubt about that at all.


Now that we are done with all the technical stuff and pricing let’s get on with the benefits you will get from this one. It provides you quite some critical advantages that many other products lack in a similar price range.

Well, these advantages and the features discussed earlier are enough to make your decision. But we won’t hide the wrong sides of the pump here because you are here to make a decision after knowing all about the product.


So, there are some drawbacks to this pump as well. The following cons are the only things going wrong with the pump.

But you will hardly need to worry. Because whenever there is an issue, you will get notified about it. So, you will be able to fix it within no time at all.


Item Weight: 13 Pounds

Voltage: 100 Volts

Product Dimensions: 6.2 X 6.2 X 11.8 Inches

Model Number : BW1050


The kind of features you get on this makes this one worth a try. Not only for home usage, but it has also got industrial strength as well. So, you can rely on this one without any worries as the reviews of watchdog sump pump suggest.

If you are looking to get away from those expensive electric bills, this one is the way to go. Because with its energy conservation and efficiency you will surely save some money on the electricity bills.

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