Types of Submersible Pump and Uses

It can be said, without any sort of doubt that the submersible water pump certainly exceeds and excels in performance compared to other kinds of residential pumps available in the market. Especially when it comes to deep well with a depth of 25 feet or more.

Based on applications and use cases there are many different types of submersible pumps available. Here in this article, I should discuss the various types of submersible pumps and uses and applications.

What is a Submersible Pump?

As the name implies, submersible pumps are designed to function under immersion in fluid media often water and oil either in a well, tank, or other containers. These pumps are made suitable for immersion and are specially designed to be enclosed in an oil-filled enclosure that prevents the fluid substance that it is submerged in, to get into the delicate motor parts.

Some of the benefits of submersible pumps are that it never needs to be primed as it is already submerged underwater. Another good thing about submersible pumps is that it is quieter than most other above the ground well pumps. Submersible pumps are the most efficient when it comes to flow rate and power. And this kind of pump ensures higher water pressure throughout the house than a piston or jet pump can.

Types of Submersible Pumps

There are numerous types of submersible pumps available based on applications and uses, function, construction material, power (AC or DC powered), the location it is used, etc. Below are some of the most commonly available and used submersible pump types. But this is not a comprehensive list and certainly does not include all the types available out there.

List of some of the most common submersible pumps:

Deep Well Pumps

Deep Submersible well pumps are one of the most commonly used for both domestic and commercial and industrial use purposes. Both suburban and urban municipal use this type of pump. These types of pumps are fully submerged underwater or any other liquid that needs to be transported. The most common usage is to provide clean and safe water to people.

Stainless Steel Pumps

Stainless steel performs better than cast iron pumps when it comes to highly acidic liquid. Therefore, this type of pump is used where there are medium to high acidic water involved. This too needs to be fully submerged underwater.

Bottom Suction Pumps

This class of pumps is mainly used for dewatering lake, pool, river, and floodwater. Therefore, also named Dewatering pump, Trash pump (used for removing floodwater with larger debris and solids), etc. This class of pumps is an expedition and emergency pumps. These are often portable and easier to operate and have a tall TDH (total dynamic head) or head pressure.

Oil Filled Pumps

As the name implies, these pumps utilize oil-filled immersion motors and are extensively used in water pumping from wells for irrigation purposes in farmland, hilly and residential settings. These are also used in industrial settings for water supply and sewage systems.

Most Common Applications and Uses of Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are most often used in the home for pumping water out of a basement. However, they are used for many applications in industry.

Submersible pumps are used in nearly all domestic and industrial settings. It is almost impossible to list all of the applications and use cases. However, the following is a list of applications of submersible pumps and some highlighted most common uses discussed.

List of applications and uses of a submersible pump (incomprehensive):

Conclusion of Types of Submersible Pump and Uses

I’ve tried to include the most common types of submersible pumps out there and its most common uses. However, the list and details are by no means comprehensive and exhausted.

But it is evident that almost in every field where there are water and other fluid substance, submersible pumps are being used widely. No wonder there are so many variations in types of submersible pumps available and engineers are developing more and more innovative submersible pumps based on demand and need.

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