Liberty Sump Pump Reviews

It does not matter what you do, but water is essential for all of your daily activities. It is undoubtedly critical for preparing food or giving relief from thirst. But it’s also vital to maintain your household and do all the household activities properly. Now, if you want to keep the water supply in your house perfect, then reading our Liberty sump pump reviews can be a solution.

It can be very effective if your home is located in a damp area. This way, you can get a proper supply of water without damaging your house with water at all.

Most of the time, having houses at a damp area with a lower basement can be a curse. Because the water gets up and drowns almost everything, you have got in your basement. But with this pump, you can quickly get rid of that kind of problem and have a peaceful environment all around.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and features you get with this pump. And also, you will need to know why you should get this one because it’s not the only pump out there.

Liberty Sump Pump Reviews at a Glance

Wayne RPP50 Cast Iron Sewage Pump


This one is already a favorite to many of the people out there. And the reason is quite simple. It has got all the features to qualify as your primary water supply solution. It is just packed with quality and functionality of all kinds. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Built and design

The pumps from Liberty come with a sturdy construction all the time. And this one has got a cast iron finish that will not disappoint you with its exterior. It has got a single body housing to stop every possible way of water entering the inside of the pump. This happens due to the fact that the single body does not live any links or wedges on the pump at all. Thanks to the cast iron construction, it can stand against heavy water pressure with complete ease.

With all the combination, you won’t need to do much maintenance to keep the pump working flawlessly. And for further protection, it has got a cast iron coating to help it from corrosion. So, this can hold up the under the water quite nicely and give you the best possible performance you can hope for.

One downside to the construction of this pump will be the weight. The pump carries a lot of pressure. And in addition to that, you do not get a handle with this one either. So, it’s a bit difficult to maneuver.

Well, that’s not much of a significant issue if we consider all the great things we will be getting from the pump.

Motor and Sealing

The exterior and build quality is, without a doubt, extraordinary. But the main focus of any pump has to be its motors. You do not need to worry here. Because this one has got a fine motor attached inside.

The motor is able to pump about 50 gallons in 60 seconds at 1’ head. This goes to 10 gallons per minute at 40’. Usually, you won’t need a pump to go higher than 40’. This pump can handle an extreme amount of heavy water pressure. The topography does not affect the pump in its work too much. But all of it requires the pump to be installed with precision.

One of the critical problems to pump motor is the lack of lubrication. Well, this one does not face that problem at all because the motor is correctly oiled so you won’t have to worry about the lube.

Now the most crucial concern is the sealing. Is the seal strong enough? Or water will break into the motor? The answer to that is the sealing is perfect on this one. No water gets into the motor, regardless of the water pressure. And no oil leaks out from the motor either.

Also, the bearings are correctly lubricated and sealed as well. So, you do not have to expect any kind of breakdown from the pump from this perspective. It will work for a considerable time without any issues at all.

Crucial parts of the pump

Apart from the motor, there are some other parts of a pump that bear significance. These are very important in the functionality of the pump. This pump can support any kind of PVC pipe in the market. You do not need to customize the sizes or shapes of the pipes at all. This is all thanks to the standard 1-1/4” NPT.

In order to get rid of those tiny pebbles and debris, this pump features a high-quality discharge. It can get rid of solids measuring at ½” diameter. So, one thing is sure that nothing gets past the pump whatsoever.

Things do not end just here; the list is long, and so is the power cord on this one. It has got a 10’’ power cord that is capable of extending up to 25”. If you don’t want to replace the original wiring from your home construction, you can opt for this one.

Moreover, the power cord comes with a feature like quick disengage. You can just pull out the cord at any moment. This does not run the risk of breaking the seal. So it keeps the cord and the motor together in place. So, it is very easy going as well.

Having a durable power cord gives the pump a great advantage. As the pump will mostly be placed in a congested area, so having the quick disengage function helps as you won’t damage the pump at all. One thing to add on is the cable could come with a 25” instead of a 10” one as you will need it anyways.

All of these parts are of high quality and provide you with great support all over. So, if we consider all the factors this one is surely worth buying.

Impeller and switch assembly

With the vortex impeller installed in the pump, you can get clear water flow without any interruptions. The impellers feature an engineered polymer allowing the water not to get mixed with any of the debris. It’s also capable of handling water pressure efficiently.

Along with impeller, there is a switch assembly called the vertical magnetic float. It is a vertical float that is magnetically assembled with the switch. This works when the water rises. The float makes the magnetic assembly activated and interacts with the switch enabling the watering process.

The most significant benefit of the VMF is the diameter capacity. It doesn’t require much space to work out the process. It can do the water pumping within just 10” diameter. So, you can get the work done in the sleekest of places around the house.


We won’t say the price is meager or the product is very much affordable. To be honest, the pump is priced high; it’s just a bit more than $200. But the question arises, is it worth it? Well, the answer is, Yes. This pump is entirely worth $200. You cannot ask for a better pump within this price range. There are cheaper pumps out there, but they won’t come with features like this one and also, they lack quality. Now, you would not want to risk having water damage in your house just to save some money. Because the loss can be irrecoverable.

Some unique features to the pump

Apart from those generalized features of the pump, there are some more things that this pump offers you. The pump is not that overpriced considering the quality you get. The pump is completely free of corrosion, which you do not get to see every day.

Then there is the 1/3 horsepower motor with an airtight seal. This helps the pump to work even in the lowest of temperatures out there. The pump is entirely thermally secured. And the whole machine is properly lubricated to avoid any malfunction.

The most attractive and unique feature of this one is its weight. It’s actually extremely lightweight in consideration of the other pumps within the same price range. Or it is even priced lower than this one.


Now that you know about the features and reasons to buy this one, let’s take a look at some of the benefits. There are quite several advantages of Liberty pumps 257 1/3 horsepower.

This was some advantages of buying the Liberty Pumps 257 submersible pump. But just like any other thing in the world, there are some demerits to this pump as well.


There are some downsides to this pump as well. They are-

Even though it has got these drawbacks, we think they are not as effective as the features are. Because these drawbacks hardly make any difference in the functionality or performance of the pump.


Item Weight: 15.22 Pounds

Voltage: 115 Volts

Product Dimensions: 9.6 X 9.6 X 10.5 Inches

Model Number : 257

Customer Feedback on the Pump

The customer feedback on this one is impressive. It has got some of the best recommendations on various sites. We went through many reviews and hardly found any negative ones at all. On Amazon, the product is rated 4.5 stars, which speaks for the quality itself.


Having the right pump for water supply is a grave necessity at times. Because otherwise, you just build up on the risk of getting your house drowned day by day. This is for the ones who have a home in a damp area and have a lower basement.

Now, if you are looking for a quality pump out there, then you can rely on liberty sump pumps without any doubt . It has got all the makings of a great submersible pump.

Starting from the durability to its motor performance and perfect lubrication, this is really a beast. You can never be dissatisfied with the performance you get from this one. And if you want the best kind of water supply for your house, there is hardly any alternative to this one.

And from the review above, now you know in detail why you should get this one to serve your purpose of water supply.

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