How to Change a Water Pump?

Using a water pump can be an excellent solution for many situations in your household. But these pumps will not remain like new forever, so eventually, you might have to replace yours.

The good news is that you can do that by yourself without any professional help. And this complex guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to change a water pump. So, keep on reading to get this process done fast and with no frustrating problems!

The Step by Step Process You Need to Follow to Change a Water Pump

If you are wondering how to change a water pump, the following steps will walk you through it in great detail! Even if there are different types of water pumps, you can count on the fact that this guide will help you change all of them as you need.

Removing The Old Water Pump

Before you install a new water pump, you will have to get rid of your old one and make sure you do that properly. Please pay attention to the steps in this process because they will help you in installing your new water pump as well!

Get The Water Pump Disconnected

You will have to get rid of the sump cover to do this step quickly. Once you got rid of the cover of the sump, identify the power cords that you will have to disconnect. Make sure you disconnect all of them carefully and check to see if there are cables from other sump pump left.

Cut the PVC Pipe

Cutting the PVC pipe is the most crucial aspect of this process. You will have to decide where to cut it correctly to put a new sump pump in. To ease your job as well as the installation of a new sump pump, you will have to cut it where you can use it for your replacement. Check the height right and make sure it will accommodate your new pump.

To cut the pipe, you will use a hacksaw. There might be some residue in the pipe, so be ready to get rid of that as you cut it too. You can use towels on the floor or even a container to avoid making a mess that you will have to clean later on.

Get The Sump Pump Out Entirely

Now you are ready to get rid of your old pump safely and with no hassle. All you have to do is pull it out and make sure to measure your PVC pipe. This will help you get ready to install a new pump. As you pull your old sump pump out, you should use the handle of it and sit it on a flat surface.

Installing the New Water Pump

Now that you got rid of your old sump pump, you will have to focus on replacing it with a new one. The following steps will be a lot easier for you if you replace your water pump with a similar model as you will not have to make many adjustments!

Connect The Pump To The PVC Pipe

This is easy if you cut the pipe at the right length. It is essential not to cut it too short because it will complicate the process a lot. You will have to cut the PVC pipe again right a little higher (one-inch maximum) than the top of your new sump pump. Put the small part of the pipe you cut in the pump discharge. To do that, you will need a male connector.

You will need to use a mixed material based on cement to stuck the pipe firmly. That way, it will not move.

Add the New Water Pump to the Sump

You will have to get the pump lower into the sump without any sudden movements. This is a delicate step that will assure the success of the entire process if it is done right. Make sure the water pump sat on a flat surface when you lowered it enough into the sump. If you have other pumps in the sump, you shouldn’t need to move them at all if you do this correctly.

Add The Valve To The Pump

Check again to make sure that your new pump is not touching the side of your sump. Once you did that, you will have to add the valve to the PVC pipe. The valve should always have the arrow indicator pointing in the right direction. If this is not done correctly, you will ruin the valve very quickly. Check the instructions of the sump pump to see what direction your valve should arrow point at.

Connect the PVC Pipe

All you have left to do now is to attack the remaining PVC pipe piece you firstly cut when you removed your old pump. This PVC pipe will go to the opposite end of your valve, once you attached it the right way.

You will need a union connector to attach this PVC pipe to the other pipe of your system.

Test Your New Water Pump

You need to make sure your water pump is running correctly before you end this process. To do that, use five gallons of liquid, preferably water, to pour it into the sump. Turn the pump on and supervise the way it extracts the water from the sump. If everything is working right, you are done with changing your water pump!

How to Change a Water Pump?


There is no need to wonder the way to change a water pump once you follow the steps in this guide. You will not need to call a specialist to do it for you, and you will save plenty of finances in the long run. But to complete this process successfully, it is crucial to get the right water pump for your home. The instructions that come with your new pump will also help you through these steps, in case you have any questions.

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