How Can I Increase My Outdoor Water Pressure?

Most of the people commonly think only about indoor water pressure for household work. While outdoor water pressure is equally important.

For watering your beautiful garden or cleaning the car outside or even keeping your lawn greener, minimal watering is a must. Without an ideal flow, is it possible?

When I face the same problem for a couple of weeks in a row, the first thing that strikes in my mind is how can I increase my outdoor water pressure?

Or else all hard work behind my most craved veggie garden will go in vain only for low water flow. Likely to have a panic attack almost. So, I didn’t wait for a repairman to come and investigate. I, by choice, started to visit the suspicious areas of the problem and solve it.

Here is how I did it.

The Effects of Low Water Pressure:

You might have thought that we spend very little time outside work. Less water pressure, therefore, should not be a problem at all. Maybe it’s right in some cases.

Nevertheless, suppose you are thinking of a garden in full bloom or collecting veggies from the plants. In that case, the primary condition of all gardening is adequate watering in seedbed and plants, especially in summer seans, when the sun is at its peak. It could destroy your dream backyard at any time.

Besides, the weirdest thing would be the tears on your little ones’ faces. When your youngster wants to water the garden and found almost no water in the garden hose. Who doesn’t know, watering is an excuse only. All they need is to play with water sometimes.

Apart from this, if it’s a big area to cover, you can’t reach the furthest distant with such water flow.

Besides, proper cleaning of garage and outhouse and the car or drains remain in your thought only if this water flow gives you a hard time.

Anyway, these are only some issues I faced in my house. It may increase in number at others.

So, on the whole, it turns out that what you were thinking in your mind is apparently not the right one. So it would be to find the solution while having it in your very own house.

Reasons Behind Low Water Pressure:

Finding the root cause is the best practice to have a cure to the problem you face. It’s absolute for any problem, not only for the water issue. And that’s the ideal approach, I guess.

Well, that’s the thing I apply in my case as well. So, first, start visiting the places where you think the problem could be.

Check the hose nozzle and water supply pipes:

Suppose you are somewhere, where the water contains higher minerals than usual. There is, in this case, always a possibility of corrosion and iron layers building up. It acts on galvanized pipes faster.

These clogs and edges block the holes in the hose nozzle. Thus your water supply could be perfect, but it’s the spray that cut the force. Additionally, the pipelines face the same obstacle within. If your other water supply has high pressure, this one probably is the main reason.

No less than, in my case, it was the culprit. No wonder if it’s the same for yours.

Don’t ignore the time:

There’s always a chance that the low water flow follows a time table. Maybe it is early morning, or the evening it could be. Whatever it is, in both cadence, it’s the mass people demand on line. So, it’s your task to notice if something exists alike.

Try not to do the chores at this moments. It’s only a few minutes or a maximum of a couple of hours most of the time. So don’t rush to clean the out yard or watering jobs you have.

It will ease your difficulties, I promise.

Find if your hose pipe coiling up:

Often it happens we think of severe reasons, but it turns out the simplest one. The same thing goes for this prospect. You are blasting your head for the worst reason later you find the hose piles up in coiling.

And it’s usual, believe me. It happened several times with my mom. Every time she was about to buy a garden hose. But it comes out that the pipe actually gets twisted somewhere as they are quite large in length.

Find the leakage if any:

Another possibility behind a low water pressure could be the leakage on the hose pipe or in the mainline. Water drips from these holes and attracts air instead of the line. Both of these make pressure less.

To confirm your water line, stop all indoor-outdoor lines and check the meter. If it still spins, your line is on leakage, surely.

Main water line issue:

If you can bypass all these crime scenes, the prime suspect is none other than the main water line. For household works, ideal water force hovers anywhere near 45 to 55 PSI. Check it with a pressure gauge and make sure they prove. Also, check the pipe diameter, of course.

How Can I Increase My Outdoor Water Pressure? 1

Ways to Increase Pressure

I already told you that while having such an issue at my house, I went crazy thinking of how can I increase my outdoor water pressure?

Later after finding the cause, I take proper measures. And what was that?

Clean the nozzle and spray:

My hose nozzles were abducted by rust, actually, which I already mentioned. So, I remove the nozzle from the hose separate from the sprinter part. After that, I brush it very well and clean it in plain water.

Then I dissolve it in vinegar and water solution for more than an hour. Brush it again and clean it. Well, it was all right.

However, you can use any kind of anti rust solution from the market. Only if you don’t want to try this home remedy.

Unclog or replace water pipe of yours:

If you have a galvanized pipe, it’s better to replace the affected pipe from the line than unclog it. Change the whole arrangement anywhere around it If possible. It will save from future casualties.

Use hose extension:

I already told you if it’s only about the pressure of the garden hose, you must not go for any drastic solution. Buy a hose extension instead. There are thousands in the market. Anyone of them will work fine.

You can increase the outdoor water pressure immediately after using it. And get that desired circulation to wash your car or water distant garden place.

Change the hose or repair the leakage:

If your hose is years old, changing is the best option I suggest. Moreover, repairing leakage on an older one would only increase the pain.

Hence it’s different if there is a hole in the new one. You can use any sticking water glue to fix this or use a layer of adhesive tapes around it. If it’s the reason for decreasing the flow, you will see the result.

Use rainwater storage:

This kind of water system is the best kind of solution you could find. Instead of wasting the rainwater flowing, store it in a tank and add a supply line to the main tap. With the primary flow of your hose, this conventional yet convenient harvest system will add additional drift to outdoor water pressure.

You can perform any kind of c back yard cleaning, pavement or car washing and even the drains. It will increase twice as much of the flow and reach out to the ultimate pressure you need.

Water pump:

Possibly the best ever solution. Yet not very suggested, though. Moreover, the right water pump will benefit you in multiple ways. Any kind of outdoor water pressure will go to the height, and that’s also without any complication.

By attaching one with the main water line, you will not only have the water movement but also boost up the lawn sprinkle. Nevertheless, the easy control over the water circulation is anything you could expect.

You know if you install a pump, you can use your outdoor water system in other fields. Moreover, you can regulate it with an automatic flow switch. Still, I must say, think and check twice if you really need to install one.

Yup, these are pretty much accessible and achievable solutions to increase the outdoor water flow.

How to Increase Water Pressure Garden Hose

Conclusion of How Can I Increase My Outdoor Water Pressure?

So, whenever you face such calamities, don’t panic. Think in cool head and take initiatives. That’s the best approach.

Don’t rush. Any step taken in such a hurry always results in terrible. It’s a regular problem in our daily life. Water pressure can decrease due to many reasons. Increasing it is also not a big deal. Also, you have a handful of tips I shared. Now find the criminal and imprison him. Do whatever you want to do with the water. Happy water day!

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