Do I Need a Battery Backup Sump Pump System?

Do I need a battery backup sump pump system?

Well, to answer this question in short is

YES! Absolutely yes.

You do if you already own a sump pump.

Since you’re asking this question, to begin with, it is evident that you live in an area where it is either a heavy rainfall area or a zone where storm surge and flooding are a very common phenomenon.

Why you may ask?

Answer to this question as to why you need a battery backup for the sump pump system is fairly easy. During the storm and heavy rainfall, a power outage is also a very common thing for days. And it is wise to keep a battery backup system in these scenarios so that you can still do the job what a sump pump is meant to do that is to pump away standing water from your basement or other house parts if it is flooded or submerged underwater.

Additionally, a battery backup sump pump system ensures you the peace of mind that if the primary pump goes out for any reason, you’ll still be able to fight the battle in the worst of scenarios.

Read on to learn more about why you need a battery backup sump pump system.

Why My Primary Sump Pump Is Not Enough? Why Do I Need a Battery Backup Sump Pump System if I Already Have a Sump Pump?​

Like every other machine, things do go wrong with sump pumps as well. And it is not uncommon that these mishaps happen when you need the most. Who disagrees?

In the event when you need it the most, this is a disaster if not a nightmare if you find that your trusty sump pump is not responding as it should or malfunctions, worst of all it is out of order. Also, due to the aging sump pump, it may not take the heavy-load any longer for an extended period.

And you know it, even when you have a working sump pump but you know what? The power is out due to that strong storm surge and hurricane.

It’s a total disaster, isn’t it?

There could be several different problems with having only a primary sump pump. I should discuss them in detail below.

Float switch may not work as expected:

The sole goal of a float switch is to activate the pump when the water rises to a certain threshold height. If the float switch fails to activate the sump pump due to obstructions that may get in the way during flooding then even having a working pump is of no use. It won’t simply turn on the sump pump.

Overheating problem:

Sump pumps need to work extra hard during an extended period when the storm surge sneaks into your basement. And it is very common for it to get overheated. Although most sump pumps are equipped with thermal protection along with self-cooling technologies, it is not uncommon for sump pumps to get overheated when they work for extended periods.

Power Outage:

A Power outage or blackout is probably the most important situation where having an AC powered sump pump is just not enough. And the worst part is that a power outage occurs when the pump needs to work even harder such as during heavy rainfall or storm surges. Therefore, it goes without saying that the primary sump pump becomes useless when you need it the most which leaves you with floodwater gushing in your precious basement and ruin your valuable assets.

Performance degrades over time:

It goes without saying that as the sump pump ages, the performance degrades over time. It can no longer function efficiently. If your existing one is performing poorly and is aged over 5 years or so (it may vary based on models), it is probably a good idea to invest in a battery backup system that can be added with the existing one. If you have a sump pump that is nearing 10 years or older, it is probably time to get a new one.

The outlet pipe or discharge pipe has blockages:

Even when the sump pump is working just fine, but it is unable to release as much water as it should, the outlet or discharge pipe of the sump pump is the culprit to be blamed. What happens is that there may be clogs and blockages that you’re not aware of, preventing the pump to discharge the water as it should.

A burned-out switch or tripped circuit breaker:

You may not be even aware of it but yes it happens. When a blackout hits it’s usually either the main power supply is out or that the fuse to the circuit breaker is blown by a sever lightning strike during a thunderstorm or the breaker simply has been tripped. In the event of such paradox and unwanted situations, a battery backup sump pump system might save your days.

What are the Benefits of a Battery Backup Sump Pump

Saves you money in the long run:

Buying a new battery backup for your existing working sump pump may appear to you as an added expense. But trust me when I say that investing in a battery backup may save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.


When the power goes out, which is frequently occurs in flood-prone areas when the storm strikes, having a battery backup allows you peace of mind by automatically switching to battery mode and continues to work it is indented to do. A primary pump dependent on AC is useless in such situations. So without a battery backup sump pump system, your valuable assets in the basement area at risk, oftentimes, the entire house is at risk if the structure becomes weak due to floodwater.

Flexible and easy installation options:

The installation process takes very little time and it is as easy as it can get. All you need to do is to attach the system to the primary pump and it usually comes with a good instruction manual. You can do it yourself as it does not require you to have plumbing skills because it can be installed without jackhammers and there is also no drilling required.

Easy to maintain and always ready to go:

The maintenance needed is minimal. You only need the check the battery water levels and terminals every 3 months or so. Just make sure to get one that is capable of handling the load based on the frequency of operation meaning how frequent it runs once every minute or every 5 minutes.

A battery back system is always ready as it charges on its own. That leaves you worry-free. And the system is automated meaning the battery mode turns on as soon as AC power goes off.

How to Install Battery Backup Sump Pump?


With the advancement of technology and ever-increasing capacity of battery power, you can never go wrong choosing a battery backup sump pump system. These days, smart systems also keep you alert with notifications of various sorts such as battery status, overheating alerts, reliable water alarm, etc. A battery backup sump system may save you thousands of dollars in the worst situations where a primary sump pump fails and also gives you the worry-free peace of mind.

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